Sessions W-ENER 2021

Speaker: Bryan Lieblick de Plexim

Panelist 1: Félix Rojas – Chile

Panelist 2: Carlos Baier – Chile

Speaker: Prof. Guillermo Catuogno – Argentina

Panelist 1: Anahí Urquiza – Chile

Panelist 2: Guillermo Pleitavino – Argentina

Speaker: Prof. Vitor Monteiro – Portugal

Panelist 1: João L. Afonso – Portugal

Panelist 2: Luis Monteiro – Brasil

Speaker: Prof. Humberto Vidal – University of Magallanes
Panelist 1: Prof. Luis Morán – University of Concepción
Panelist 2: Prof. Samir Kouro – Federico Santa María Technical University

Speech 1
Prof. Rodrigo Palma, Universidad de Chile, Chile – The first microgrid in Chile (Huatacondo Project)

Speech 2
Ms. Raquel Fratta, Fundación Moisés Bertoni, Paraguay – Microgrids for isolated communities in Paraguay: the case of El Solitario and Mbaracayu

Speech 3

Prof. Carlos Muñoz, Universidad de la Frontera, Chile – Energy & Water Management Systems for Agro-Development of Rural Communities.

Speech 4
Ms. Martha Lidia Oxi Chuy, Asociación Maia, Guatemala – Educating girls for a  sustainable future

Speech 5
Prof. Patrick Wheeler / Rodrigo Aliaga, Universidad de Talca, Chile – Microgrids for isolated and rural communities