Sessions W-ENER 2020

Speaker: Venkata Yaramasu, Assistant Professor at Northern Arizona University, USA

Panelists: Frede Blaajberg, Rubén Peña and Jose L. Elizondo, Ph.D. Graduates in Electronic Systems Engineering from Tecnológico de Monterrey (ITESM), Mexico.

Speaker: Claudio Seebach, is Executive President of the Association of Generators of Chile, co-founder of Enseña Chile and of Choose Educar.

Anita Prizant Serón, Agricultural Engineer from the University of Chile and Annie Dufey, Manager of Karungen SpA, Director of Public Space and Strategic Advisor of EBP-Chile.

Speaker: Dr. Cesar Astudillo, head of the Department of Computer Science, Universidad de Talca.

Dr. Yamisleydi Salgueiro, Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Talca and Dr. Colin Bellinger, scientist and researcher at the National Research Council of Canada.

Speaker: Maria Soledad Valdebenito, Meteorologist at the University of Valparaíso.

Carolina Urrutia, Co-Founder Freemet and Alejandro Muñoz Vergara, Co-Founder Comunidad Sostenible.

Speaker: Aura Rearte

Carlos Eugenio Finat Díaz, ACERA Executive Director and Gabriela Manríquez Roa, National Energy Commission, Regulatory Legal Advisory Unit

Speaker: Raquel Fratta.

Martha Lidia Oxi Chuy, Director of Special Projects (ASOCIACIÓN MAIA) and Maria Luisa Lozano, Manager ASGREEN Sustainable Engineering

Speaker: Luis García Santander, Doctor in Electrical Engineering

Grace Quintana, Pedro Bañuelos, and Noelia Uribe

Speaker: Prof. Huai Wang form Aalberg University, Denmark

Panelists: Prof. Dr. Patrick Wheeler, Head of the Power, Machine and Control Electronics Research Group and Global Director of the Institute of Aerospace Technology, University of Nottingham. and José Luis Elizondo

Speaker: Prof. Samir Kouro from the Federico Santa María Technical University (UTFSM).

Panelists: Prof. Patricio Valdivia from the UTFSM and Prof. José Rodríguez from the Andrés Bello University (UNAB).

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Jorge Morales, from the School of Mechanics of the University of Talca.

Panelists: Diego Celentano and Roberto Leiva

Speaker: Tomas Riddell, innovation engineer at Transelec, and Pablo Sandoval, new technologies analyst at Transelec.

Panelists: Claudio Seebach, Executive President of Generadoras de Chile, and Eduardo Soto CEO and founder of Phineal Chile.

Speaker: Dr. Samir Kuoro, Director of Innovation and Technology Transfer at the Electronics Engineering Department, UTFSM.

Panelists: José I. León and Andrii Chub 

Speaker: Kadir Ruiz, Distribution Manager of the Cooperativa Eléctrica de Curicó.

Panelists: Thomas Riddel, Transelec Innovation Engineer and Dr. Rodrigo Palma, director of the Solar Energy Research Center.

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Patrick Wheeler, Head of the Power, Machine and Control Electronics Research Group and Global Director of the Institute of Aerospace Technology at the University of Nottingham.

Panelists: Prof. Dr. Bulent Sarlioglu from the University of Wisconsin, USA, Prof. Dr. Fernando Briz from the University of Oviedo, Spain

Speaker: María Luisa Lozano, executive director of ASGREEN Ingeniería Sustentable.

Panelists: Andrés García, director of ANESCO Chile A.G. and Roberto Recabarren from ACESOL.